Defense Of Returning Veterans

Defending Those Who Defend Us

Many veterans face challenges upon their return home. Some are ordinary challenges like determining how certain skills needed in the armed forces transfer to the private sector. Other issues, however, can be much more difficult, perhaps stemming from underlying issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or drug and alcohol abuse.

The Rudman Law Group, provides strong defense of veterans returning to South Florida who may find themselves under arrest or investigation for alleged criminal offenses. I seek outcomes that not only protect my clients' rights but also put them on a better path for moving forward.

Understanding Florida's Veteran's Court

Florida is one of only a few states with a recognized "veteran's court." Using a problem-solving model as opposed to the traditional criminal process, the court seeks to rehabilitate returning veterans whose criminal actions may actually be the result of substance abuse or trauma they experienced while in combat.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I provide tailored legal advice for veterans returning from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other areas of the world who find themselves criminally charged for:

Taking a client-centered approach, I seek to connect clients with the services that are most beneficial given their unique situations, from drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs to psychological counseling to medical treatment. At the same time, I take the appropriate steps to minimize the consequences of a criminal conviction, including defending their rights in court or the negotiation of an effective plea bargain. I also provide services in Record Sealing and Expungement.

Seeking Resolutions That Help You Move Forward

My license says I am both an attorney and counselor at law. I take my responsibilities as an advocate seriously, and I always seek resolutions that help my clients move forward permanently and with confidence. Contact my office in Boca Raton today at 561-367-2542 or 800-481-3829 toll free to discuss your case in a free and confidential consultation.

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