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February 2016 Archives

3 critical mistakes police may make in DUI cases

Being arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving is unquestionably a stressful experience. Seeing a squad car's emergency lights coming toward you can set off mild panic in almost anyone, even if you aren't the target of their pursuit. And if you are pulled over and a Florida law enforcement officer strolls to the door of your vehicle, even the most unflappable of us can suddenly get visibly anxious.

Criminal defense and the laws regarding rape in Florida

Depending on the state that you are in, multiple different legal precedents can be applied to the concept of rape, although all states agree that it involves unwanted sexual contact forced upon another person. We recently discussedĀ Florida's sexual battery laws, and in the state of Florida, rape falls under this same legal category, meaning that there are no particular statutes or precedents for rape in Florida.

Before you talk to the police, talk to us

The average American is familiar with a great many different crimes, particularly the high-profile crimes like murder, sexual assault and drug possession. However, for every crime that the average American resident knows about, there are probably at least two that he or she does not know about. Not all of these crimes carry massive penalties such as prison time, but they can still affect your life socially and professionally, especially if they are not taken seriously.

Convicted drunk driver prepares for retrial

If you are charged with a crime, there is one thing that you should remember; no matter what the circumstances, you are innocent until proven guilty. No matter how dire the situation seems, even if you believe that there is no chance that you will avoid a conviction, you should still consult with an attorney and mount a legal defense. Even if you are convicted, the fight is not necessarily over, and you should always be searching for ways to defend yourself and prove your innocence.

Legal Marijuana? Not In Florida.

With marijuana legal in some states for recreational use and legal in others if you have a doctor's prescription, it's easy assume that possession is marijuana is no longer a crime. This is not the case in Florida. You could end up with a criminal record simply because you were unaware of the law.

Consider carefully before filing domestic violence charges

Domestic abuse is a terrifying thing, and one of the most frightening and serious criminal acts under the law. It is a special kind of torture in which victims face emotional, psychological and sometimes physical trauma on a daily basis, and there is often nowhere for them to seek refuge. Because of the severity of domestic violence, the state takes such accusations very seriously. That is why you should not bring charges without good reason.