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Before you talk to the police, talk to us

The average American is familiar with a great many different crimes, particularly the high-profile crimes like murder, sexual assault and drug possession. However, for every crime that the average American resident knows about, there are probably at least two that he or she does not know about. Not all of these crimes carry massive penalties such as prison time, but they can still affect your life socially and professionally, especially if they are not taken seriously.

Though it may surprise you, something as simple as trespassing or resisting arrest can change the course of your life. Being convicted of a crime, no matter how minor, will still establish a criminal record for you, which could affect your ability to acquire or hold a job. Additionally, you may be fined hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars, and depending on your financial situation, such a fine could ruin you.

It would take years to fully understand every different type of crime and how it could affect your life, which is why it is recommended that you enlist the aid of someone who has invested those years if you are facing criminal charges. At the Law Office of Douglas J. Rudman, we have experience handling criminal cases of all kinds in Florida, so more than just knowing about the law generally, we know specifically about the law in Florida. This includes federal charges such as fraud, as well as sex crimes, theft crimes and many more.

If you have been arrested in the state of Florida, it is entirely possible that you were not even aware that what you were doing was illegal. Still, protesting or talking to the police could cause you to accidentally incriminate yourself, so please exercise your right to remain silent. Instead of talking to the police, visit our webpage and talk to us. We can help you build a case to defend yourself against all criminal charges, large and small.

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