Know Your Rights When Faced With An Injunction – We Can Help

If you are subject to an injunction, the court has ordered you to stop certain actions that they believe to be harmful. While an injunction is a serious order, and should not be taken lightly, you still maintain certain rights. Whether you have questions regarding your injunction, or you have been arrested for violating a court order, know that an experienced criminal defense team can help you understand your legal options and work to protect your freedom.

At The Rudman Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida, our legal team is equipped with extensive experience across an array of criminal law matters. We can help you challenge an injunction and better understand what to do going forward.

Legal Assistance For A Variety Of Injunction-Related Needs

There are different types of injunctions that an individual may request, including:

  • Temporary Injunctions- State courts may issue a Temporary Injunction to prevent parties from making contact that may potentially cause significant harm, including situations of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking and acts of Repeat Violence.
  • Permanent Injunctions - As implied by the title, a permanent injunction is a final court order for individuals to cease from specific actions. Permanent injunctions go into effect following the end of a Final Hearing (Trial).

While an injunction is not a criminal charge, failure to adhere to a court order regarding your injunction could lead to serious criminal consequences, including jail time. Our criminal defense lawyers will be vigilant in working to protect your rights.

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