Providing For Your Legal Needs When A Warrant Threatens Your Freedom

Judges authorize arrest warrants so that law enforcement officers may carry out an arrest. Perhaps you forgot to show up in court, or maybe you violated your probation. Whatever the reason, you now have an arrest warrant hanging over your head. Generally, warrants remain active until you show up to court and stand before the judge. However, with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, a surrender may not be necessary at all. It is in your best interest that you obtain competent and zealous legal representation immediately!

At The Rudman Law Group, our firm navigates clients and their families through this process so that they may be reunited as-soon-as-possible. Our attorneys have dynamic backgrounds in criminal law. In fact, our Florida legal team consists of former prosecutors who use their experience from the other side of the courtroom to defend those charged with a crime and make every effort to protect their rights.

Working For Your Protection

It is common that arrest warrants occur by default. For example, you may have not even realized you had a court date set, until it is too late, and the date has passed. An attorney can stand up for you in and out of court. We will fight to have your warrant recalled, and we understand the process and know how to defend the charges you face.

Experienced, Informed And Ready To Help

We are on your side. Our lawyers know your rights and the extent of the legal implications you face. Contact our office in Boca Raton to set up a free consultation. Reach us at 561-367-2542 or via the online contact form.