Protecting Injured Riders In Motorcycle Accidents

For many motorcyclists, riding a bike is a passion as much as it is a form of transportation. Most riders know the potential risks of getting on a bike, but they aren't deterred.

At The Rudman Law Group, we know the dangers that motorcyclists face. Attorney Douglas Rudman and firm administrator Heather Carroll are motorcyclists themselves and have long been a part of South Florida's motorcycle community. We know the challenges that riders face, especially after a serious injury. That's why our firm is dedicated to supporting motorcyclists as they recover from serious injuries by advocating for them and helping them obtain fair and just compensation.

Representation For Riders By Riders

After an accident — particularly a serious one — your focus should be on treatment and recovery. Our lawyers will aggressively push for your compensation. With both trial experience and intimate knowledge of motorcycles, we'll work to prepare the strongest case possible. When necessary, we'll bring in motorcycle experts, doctors and other professionals to strengthen our case.

At our firm, we represent riders who have suffered serious, catastrophic injuries, as well as the family members of riders who have died due to their injuries.

We work to address all issues stemming from your incident including helping you obtain compensation for your injuries, particularly in cases involving traumatic brain injury and concussion.

With our background in criminal defense, we can work with riders to clear up issues surrounding illegal lane splitting or other matters involving your driver's license.

You should have our information. We can help.

Whatever the issue, we work to provide complete and total representation, working to help you recover from your injury while protecting your rights as a motorcyclist.

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