Helping Cyclists And Pedestrians In Their Recovery

Cycling is a popular hobby — and method of transportation — in South Florida, particularly on college campuses and on some of the more scenic routes. But cyclists and pedestrians are often exposed to serious, even catastrophic injuries.

At The Rudman Law Group, our attorneys work diligently to help victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents recover full and fair compensation. We work with our clients to help them understand the full scope of their rights, while pushing insurance companies and other parties involved into providing the funds necessary for recovery, lost wages and other expenses.

Helping Bicyclists And Pedestrians Across South Florida

Between the FAU and Lynn University campuses, as well as waterfront highways like the A1A, there are plenty of opportunities for Florida's cyclists and pedestrians to step out and enjoy the weather. However, accidents frequently occur, due to negligent and inattentive drivers, as well as due to road rage and drunk drivers.

Cyclists and pedestrians have rights, but drivers frequently put these groups at risk. As such, accidents are frequent and serious.

Our firm assists victims throughout the recovery process. We'll work with you to obtain full compensation for any medical bills, property damages and lost wages incurred due to the incident.

When necessary, our firm may work with experts, including accident reconstruction specialists and bicycle industry professionals, to strengthen your case and advocate for your interests.

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