Taking A Proactive Approach To The Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is in the news on a nearly daily basis. We often hear about the thousands and even millions of Americans that are affected, but often, lost in the numbers, is the fact that real people's lives are being lost and irrevocably changed due to addiction.

Routinely and regularly, we see parents and loved ones reach out without knowing what to do. Traditional lawyers and the court system has failed them. They or their loved ones are being treated like criminals, rather than people with a serious medical issue.

The court systems then frequently turn those touched by the opiate crisis into recidivists and lifelong criminals, snatching away their chance at employment and a healthy life, and breaking families and multiple lives in the process.

At The Rudman Law Group Addiction Defense, we recognize that this is no longer a feasible way to move forward.

What's At Stake

When a person addicted to opioids enters the criminal justice system, there are one of three paths:

  • Sobriety
  • A return to jail, or
  • Death

Drugs like oxycodone, roxycodone, percocet, fentanyl, heroin and Xanax proliferate Florida streets (not to mention their nationwide impact) and are relatively cheap and easy to get. For addicts, the priority is almost always the next hit by any means necessary, whether they need to commit theft, prescription fraud, or something even more dangerous and harmful.

The deck is stacked against those addicted to illicit drugs, particularly opioids. The focus is rarely on treatment, and is almost always punitive.

What We Do

The goal for any addicted person should be to get sober. However, what's the incentive for them to get sober if they'll have a criminal conviction? If the goal is to become a productive member of society. opportunities will be hampered for convicted felons.

At The Rudman Law Group Addiction Defense, we help individuals stay clean and not relapse, by providing an incentive to do so.

We do this by taking a proactive approach. Let's address the issues first, rather than leaving it up to the judge or the court system to create a solution. We work to present a solution. Our attorneys work with outside professionals, experts and religious figures to create lasting solutions in order to show the courts that the person standing in front of the judge is not the same person that is alleged to have committed a crime, because this person is no longer in the throes of an inescapable addiction.

To put it simply, we work with those accused of a crime and their loved ones and family members to:

We know that Florida's response to the opioid crisis is failing. That's why we work day and night to prevent good people from getting trapped in the system. Attorney Douglas J. Rudman, in addition to being a former prosecutor, a widely respected and recognized criminal defense attorney, and a certified life coach, cares about helping.

Smart, Complete Opioid Crime Representation

From our Boca Raton office, we represent clients throughout Florida. If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges relating to opioid abuse, give us a call at 561-367-2542 or use the contact form.