Other Case Results

Charges: Extradition

Case Number: 16006402MM10A

Facts: Our client was arrested on a warrant out of Colorado. Although he and the Hollywood Police Department informed us it was for a simple charge of Possession of Marijuana, we came to find out that the warrant was for a whole lot more, including money laundering and trafficking.

Results: Although Florida has no jurisdiction over a Colorado bond, we stipulated it did for the purpose of receiving an extradition bond so that our client could get out and turn himself in back in Colorado. Were it not for us zealously advocating for an extradition bond, our client would have waited in the Broward County Jail for almost a month, before being transported in a bus in shackles, all the way to Colorado. Instead, we were able to get our client out of jail and give him more than a week to get his life together to turn himself in to Colorado.

Charges: Driving While License Suspended - Deemed Habitual Traffic Offender

Facts: Our client received a letter from the DMV stating that her license would be suspended and she would be deemed a Habitual Traffic Offender because of a plea she took five years before.

Results: We filed a Motion to Vacate on the case and then reviewed the court files. After reviewing the disposition documents, it was apparent that our client did not plea to a crime that would have any effect on her license, as it was an amended charge. However, the clerk failed to record that. We worked with the Clerk to update their files and sent them over to the DMV who lifted the pending suspension before our client's license was formally suspended.