Ross K. Wilde- Case Manager

Ross WildeRoss Wilde brings his years of investigative expertise to our firm. As we prefer to be proactive with our client's cases, Ross's expertise allows us the ability to gather in a timely manner our evidence.

At the Office of the State Attorney for Palm Beach County, he began working at the front desk, assisting the residents of Palm Beach County as the first person they encountered in the legal process. From there Ross was promoted to the position of Victim/Witness Coordinator in the County Court Unit, where he assisted a team of prosecutors in trying DUI, traffic crime and misdemeanor cases. A short time later Ross was promoted to the position of Victim/Witness Coordinator in the Felony Trial Unit.

As a Victim/Witness Coordinator, Ross was responsible for a range of issues, including, acting as a liaison between the Office of the State Attorney and victims of crime, witnesses, law enforcement and other government agencies and working with these partners to protect the citizens of Palm Beach County. Ross eventually moved on to work in the Investigative Unit of the Office of the State Attorney, assisting State Attorney Investigators in their work investigating active criminal cases and other high-profile matters such as public corruption, homicide and complex financial crimes.

Ross's history with the State Attorneys' Office has helped him answer difficult questions from our clients who are unsure or do not always understand the legal process.

Work Experience

  • Asset Protection Specialist, Target (2008-2013)
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Palm Beach State Attorney's Office (2013-2016)


  • Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute- Victim Services Practitioner Designation
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement- FCIC/NCIC Limited Access Certification
  • Criminal Justice Information Services- Level 1 Security Certificate