Experience With Florida's Drug Court Programs

In an attempt to avoid creating repeat offenders, more and more counties and jurisdictions in Florida are making drug court programs available to those accused of drug crimes, allowing many Floridians to avoid harsh mandatory minimums and other tough punishments.

At The Rudman Law Group — advocates for those with addiction and mental illness — we attempt to steer clients across Florida to pretrial intervention programs. From our Boca Raton office, our attorneys try to create a path forward for our clients that allows them to obtain the necessary treatment that would allow them to become productive citizens.

How Drug Court Can Help

The primary purpose of sentencing in the adult court system is punishment. However, the legislature and the local judicial circuits have created special Florida drug court programs. They exist for the purpose of providing rehabilitation first, punishment second.

However, admission into drug court programs is limited and discretionary on a circuit-to-circuit basis. Typically, the programs can last for no less than 12 months but no more than 18 months.

In drug court, an individual may be required to:

  • Attend a rehabilitation center
  • Explore treatment options
  • Take classes regarding drug abuse
  • Attend counseling

In addition, a person may need to submit to drug and alcohol screenings. Often, they require individuals to not use medication, even if it's prescribed.

Successful completion can allow defendants to move forward with more opportunities and a clean slate. However, those who continue abusing drugs may see the original charges reinstated.

We strongly pursue drug court where available, and work with a large team of professionals to present smart, actionable plans. In these instances, we prefer to be proactive. We show up in court with a plan. That way, we can start the recovery and treatment process as soon as possible.

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