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Fighting Against A Violation Of Probation Charge

Probation is meant to provide individuals with the ability to re-enter society with some degree of freedom. While those on probation are granted the ability to resume life to some extent, they are still required to abide by terms and conditions ordered by the court. In Florida, those who violate the terms of their probation face serious repercussions, from a return to prison or jail, to fines and new criminal charges.

For people who have been through the throes of opioid addiction and mental illness and have emerged from the criminal justice system, it can be a shock reintegrating into normal life. At The Rudman Law Group — advocates for those with mental illness and addiction — the team has significant experience helping individuals and their loved ones fight charges of probation violation. They’ll investigate the full circumstances behind your situation, and help provide a clear, complete plan to move forward.

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A violation occurs when an individual willfully and purposefully fails to comply with the terms of his or her probation. This can take the form of:

  • Getting arrested for a new violation or offense
  • Failing a drug test
  • Failing to complete rehabilitation or treatment programs
  • Failing to meet probation appointments
  • Failing to pay the associated fines or costs related to probation

After a violation, the court may order the defendant to serve out the remainder of their original sentence.

At The Rudman Law Group, the team starts working immediately to resolve the issue. They investigate your case thoroughly and try to find ways to minimize or contest the charges. They work with professionals and doctors to draft smart strategies. They do whatever it takes to help you resume your life.

Violations Of Probation Are Serious. Contact The Rudman Law Group For Serious Help.

The firm represents individuals and their loved ones throughout Florida. To discuss how they can help, give them a call at 561-464-2615 in Boca Raton, or use the contact form.

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