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December 2014 Archives

What should I know about Florida's assault and battery laws?

Assault and Battery are two very serious criminal charges that can often mean hefty fines and jail time for those who are convicted. It is important to note that while these two charges are often lumped together, there are distinct differences. Assault occurs when one party threatens another party with harm to the extent that the threatened party has cause to fear for their safety. Battery refers to instances in which the threatening party physically touched the victim without the victim's consent.

Domestic violence remains a problem

Domestic violence is one of the most tragic and terrifying things that a person can experience. It turns what should be someone's personal sanctuary, their home, the place that they deserve to feel most safe, into a nightmare that causes them pain and suffering. It is for this reason that courts understandably treat domestic violence accusations very seriously. However, it is important to remember that, just like any other criminal charge, you can defend yourself against domestic violence charges.

We can help you take legal action in your own defense

If you are charged with a criminal action, regardless of how severe the charge is, you should take legal action in your defense as soon as possible. It may seem like a small issue to be charged with petty theft or trespassing, but even the smallest criminal charges could carry hefty fines or even incarceration as a consequence. In addition to the legal consequences of a conviction, you will likely face the social consequences of being a convicted criminal.

Violent Crime has been dropping in Florida

Being convicted of a violent crime such as murder or aggravated assault is life-changing. Depending on the severity of the crime, excessive fines and serious jail time could be just the beginning. Even after you have served your sentence, it is quite possible that you will be a social pariah in your community, meaning that you may have to move or suffer the judging eyes of your neighbors. Fortunately, while some may have you believe that violent crime is rampant or out of control in our state, numbers indicate that this is not the case.

Florida man charged after police search discovers drugs

Drug charges can completely turn your life upside down, especially if you are ultimately convicted of the charges. Even being arrested and charged could affect your personal life, but a conviction could mean fines, a criminal record or even jail time. This has become a serious threat to many Floridians recently as both local and federal law enforcement have increased their efforts to stop illegal drug trade in our state. If you are charged with a drug crime, it is highly beneficial to you to enlist legal aid.

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