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Florida deputy charged with driving under influence of alcohol

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

Few people show as much respect for the threat of a drunk driving conviction as they should. A drunk driving conviction can have serious financial and legal ramifications, including heavy fines, suspension of driver’s license, and even jail time depending on the circumstances. Despite this, many people have no fear of drunk driving simply because they do not drink and drive. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple.

A Florida deputy was recently jailed for drunk driving after the state highway patrol pulled him over. According to officials, the deputy was driving in the early morning when he crossed the median and collided with a tree. After the accident, he was suspended without pay and booked into jail, facing DUI charges.

This just goes to show that anyone, including servants of the law, can face drunk driving charges. At this time, we cannot be sure if the deputy was in fact under the influence of alcohol, but even if he was, others may find themselves in similar circumstances despite being sober. The reality is that Florida’s law enforcement officials take drunk driving very seriously, and if they believe they have reason to question your sobriety, chances are that they will do it. Even suddenly swerving in your lane because you had to rub your eyes could result in you being pulled over and participating in a field sobriety test.

If you are sober, you may not be afraid of a field sobriety test, but it is worth mentioning that these tests are not flawless. Such tests could be administered incorrectly, or the Breathalyzer may have been improperly calibrated, and despite having no alcohol in your system, you could still fail. If you have been accused of drunk driving, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney. A defense attorney with experience in drunk driving charges can help you review the circumstances of your case and help you build your defense.

Source: Keys Info Net, “Keys deputy sheriff arrested for drunk driving,” Feb. 7, 2015


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