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Lengthy investigation ends in multiple drug crime arrests

Authorities in Florida do not shirk their duties when it comes to drug crimes. They will take as much time as they need to investigate accusations and suspicions of a drug crime, and when they feel that they have all the evidence they need, your life could be turned upside down in an instant. Whether you are accused of drug trafficking, drug possession or any other such crime, it may prove to be in your best interests to meet with a defense attorney immediately. The consequences of a conviction could be catastrophic.

Recently in Central Florida, 24 arrests were made after eight houses were raided by police. Authorities seized hundreds of thousands in cash and assets, including guns, vehicles and jewelry. Police claim that the raid was a culmination of nearly two years of investigation, which began when they received a phone call about suspicious behavior from a concerned citizen.

The innocence or guilt of the accused individuals will be determined by the courts, but it is most notable that someone living close to one of the alleged ringleaders of the accused group simply notified the police of suspicious behavior. Consider your daily routine. Are there any slightly abnormal behaviors you engage in? You could be the subject of a police investigation and not even know it.

While it is admirable for concerned citizens to notify the police of suspicious behavior, it can also be frightening to think that our neighbors are watching and judging us. It is even more frightening to think that this could lead to our arrest, even if we have done nothing wrong. Law enforcement officials take drug crimes very seriously, and in their zeal, they sometimes arrest people who are not guilty. If you have been accused of a drug crime, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney who can help you build a case in your defense.

Source: WFTV, "24 arrested in major central Florida drug bust," March 27, 2015

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