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The vast majority of people are fortunate enough to never experience our country’s criminal justice system first-hand. However, there are of course thousands of crimes committed every day, and it is a simple fact that law enforcement authorities do not always apprehend the right criminal on the first attempt every time. For Florida residents who are wrongfully accused or who have never been accused of a crime before, the criminal justice system may be completely foreign. Understanding a bit more about how the process works may help you remain calm.

The first thing you have to remember is that you are innocent until proven guilty, and at all stages you have rights thanks to the United States Constitution. There are many people who will be involved in your criminal case, including attorneys, police officers, judges, any potential witnesses and others. You must remember that none of these people are against you. Even the prosecution attorney who is trying to prove your guilt is simply doing his or her best to apprehend the correct criminal; it is nothing personal against you.

Something else you may not realize is just how many different outcomes there can be in a criminal case. Being suspected of a crime does not necessarily mean that your life will change in anyway. In fact, a criminal investigation may end without any evidence found against you, and you will not be arrested for the crime. Even if you are arrested, the charges could be dropped or the case could be dismissed depending on the circumstances.

Being suspected of a crime is never going to be a pleasant experience, but it does not have to be a frightening or life-altering event either. You have the right to an attorney, which can help you avoid going to court altogether. Even if you find yourself in court, preparing a strong legal defense can ensure that you do not suffer any legal penalties for a crime you did not commit.


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