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Florida resident accused of drunk driving following accident

There are many different criminal charges that an individual could face, and drunk driving is among the most serious. Like many other criminal convictions, a drunk driving conviction could cost you a great deal in fines and land you some jail time. It can also cause your license to be suspended, even if it is only your first offense. Some people mistakenly treat a drunk driving charge as just a simple traffic violation, but it is a serious criminal charge that must be handled quickly and carefully, even if the alleged drunk driving does not result in a serious accident.

A Florida man is currently facing DUI charges after an accident that occurred in East Bridgewater. The accident allegedly occurred in the late afternoon during rush hour, and even though traffic was severely backed up, nobody was injured in the accident. Despite this, the Florida man was charged, and if he is convicted, his life could change forever.

There are different laws in different states regarding drunk driving, but one thing remains the same, and that is that drunk driving is a serious crime. However, like all criminal charges, those who are accused can take legal action in their defense. Building a solid legal defense could help you prove your innocence, reduce the charges or even have the charges dropped.

Many factors affect a drunk driving case, and because of this there are many different options that individuals can use in their defense. For example, if police did not have probable cause to pull you over, then you may have an easier time getting the charges dismissed. If you are facing drunk driving charges in Florida, consider meeting with an attorney to plan how you will defend yourself against drunk driving charges. The risks are too great to ignore.

Source: Taunton Wicked Local, "Florida man charged with drunk driving in East Bridgewater accident," Ed Donga, July 24, 2015

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