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Marijuana in Florida

There are many drugs that are universally considered criminal in every state, with the only variance being in the penalties depending on a number of offenses and amount of substance possessed. Things like cocaine and heroin tend to be very problematic in the eyes of the law, it is very unlikely that possession of any amount of these substances will be ignored. However, there is at least one drug that tends to be a legal gray area: marijuana.

Marijuana has become a very popular topic across the country, as legalization becomes more and more highly debated in various states. Some states have legalized marijuana completely, and some states allow the use of marijuana only for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, in other states, marijuana use of any kind is illegal. This is why it is important to know the laws of your state so that you do not suffer the legal penalties of using marijuana when you believe it is legal.

While some states have varying laws depending on the circumstances under which marijuana is used, Florida has very simple and straightforward laws: marijuana is illegal. Not for any medicinal, recreational or other types of purposes can a person make use of marijuana in Florida. However, the legal penalties of marijuana use are still not as severe as drugs such as cocaine.

Possession and sale of marijuana is considered a 3rd-degree felony unless the crime is dealing with fewer than 20 grams. All consequences depend on the amount of marijuana in question, but in all instances you could face serious fines and even years in prison. If you are accused of any kind of drug crime, including marijuana, consider enlisting the aid of an attorney to help you build a case for your defense.

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