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Suspects wanted following Florida triple homicide

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2016 | Violent Crimes |

Florida deputies were recently met with a tragic scene in Lakeland when they responded to an early morning call about people being shot at a residence. Upon arriving, the deputies discovered the bodies of three young adults: two female and one male, and they also found a critically wounded teenager who had been shot. The county sheriff believes that drugs may have been involved in the shooting, including suggesting the possibility of Miami residents being involved.

Currently, law enforcement officials have only a small amount of evidence to go on, including witness reports claiming that three men were seen fleeing the site of the murders. The three were seen entering a white van with writing on the side, but the exact nature of the writing remains unknown. The van was later spotted on a surveillance camera, where it was heading out of Lakeland and possibly toward Miami.

Obviously, these poor victims were murdered by someone, and evidence points toward multiple assailants, but currently very little is known about these assailants, and police only have a few speculations about who they may be and where they come from. Undoubtedly they will investigate the matter, and this investigation could lead to many arrests in Florida, not all of whom are guilty of the crime.

If you drive a white commercial van with writing on it, for example, and if you live in Miami or between Lakeland and Miami, you may be a suspect based on those circumstances alone. No matter how innocent you may be, you must understand that if police question or arrest you, you are a suspect. And if they consider you a suspect, there is a chance that you will be convicted. It is imperative that you take your legal defense seriously, so do not hesitate to call an attorney as soon as you realize you are on the police’s radar.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “White Ford van sought after triple homicide in Lakeland,” Stephanie Allen, Jan. 8, 2016


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