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Convicted drunk driver prepares for retrial

If you are charged with a crime, there is one thing that you should remember; no matter what the circumstances, you are innocent until proven guilty. No matter how dire the situation seems, even if you believe that there is no chance that you will avoid a conviction, you should still consult with an attorney and mount a legal defense. Even if you are convicted, the fight is not necessarily over, and you should always be searching for ways to defend yourself and prove your innocence.

Back in late 2012, a Florida man was convicted of DUI manslaughter; the two felony counts resulted in a sentence of three decades in prison. Now, his case is currently going into retrial after the verdict was tossed out due to one of the jurors from the original case having past relations with the blood analyst behind the blood test following the crash. Because multiple witnesses are no longer available, much of the case will hinge on past testimony.

This serves as a reminder for anyone who is facing criminal charges or who has been convicted of criminal charges. You must never lose hope, because there is always a chance that you could still prove your innocence, either through appeals or even a retrial. For this reason, you should always be prepared to put forth the strongest legal defense you can muster, and that will often include an attorney.

Most people are not incredibly familiar with every type of crime, each of which is extremely complex in its own way. An attorney can help you understand the charges you are facing, allowing you to build a defense that is catered toward proving your innocence in your particular case. If you are facing drunk driving charges in Florida, consider meeting with an attorney as soon as possible.

Source: Miami Herald, "Keys man in double-DUI manslaughter case faces another day in court," Larry Kahn, Feb. 7, 2016

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