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Legal Marijuana? Not In Florida.

With marijuana legal in some states for recreational use and legal in others if you have a doctor's prescription, it's easy assume that possession is marijuana is no longer a crime. This is not the case in Florida. You could end up with a criminal record simply because you were unaware of the law.

Just because you obtained cannabis legally in another state does not mean it is legal when you bring it into Florida. If you are arrested for possession of marijuana, it is important to seek prompt legal advice from a Florida attorney before you make any statements that could be incriminating.

Possession of marijuana is a crime in Florida, no matter where you obtained it or whether you have a doctor's prescription. A proposed constitutional amendment will make medical marijuana legal in Florida with a doctor's certificate if it approved by at least 60 percent of the voters during November's general election. For now, however, you can be charged with a crime for possession of medical marijuana, even if you have a doctor's prescription and obtained it legally in another state.

In Florida, possession of marijuana for any reason is a crime. The penalties you face will depend on the amount of marijuana in your possession. Those penalties can include fines, participation in a drug treatment program and prison. You could also end up with a permanent criminal record that could affect you later in life. If you possess a large quantify of cannabis or are accused of possession with the intent to sell, you could be charged with a felony.

In short, if you buy marijuana in a state where it is legal, make sure it stays in the legal state. If you bring it into Florida, you could be charged with a crime. If police discover marijuana in your possession during a stop and search, do not attempt to explain that you purchased the drug legally. You will only provide the police with evidence that can be used against you.

The Rudman Law Group in Boca Raton offers a free initial consultation if you have been charged with marijuana possession in Florida.

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