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March 2016 Archives

Federal drug charges are different from state drug charges

When we discuss drug crimes, we often refer to incidents of possession or sale that occur within the state of Florida and are thus prosecuted under state laws. These state drug laws can be very complex, with many different punishable crimes and consequences, but it may surprise you to learn that there are even more types of drug crimes that you may be accused of including federal drug crimes.

The legal penalties of voluntary manslaughter

The law provides very specific, classifications for the taking of a life. Intentional killing that is premeditated, known as First-Degree murder, is one of the most serious crimes covered by the law, whereas intentional killing that was not premeditated, known as voluntary manslaughter, holds a place of lesser severity in the eyes of the law. This distinction may cause individuals to believe that accusations of less severe crimes like voluntary manslaughter should not be taken seriously, but this is incorrect.

Man arrested for drug possession in Florida airport

Security at the airport has always been tight, but ever since the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, personnel at the airport have become particularly zealous about screening passengers. While the ends are noble, the means of this screening has drawn some criticism, including new screening machines that take a full-body image of passengers, leading some to be concerned about a violation of privacy. Also, security officers can pull any person aside for a random pat down at any point, which some feel violates basic rights.

Child abuse could mean criminal accusations

Many different criminal activities fall under the umbrella of violent crimes, and one could argue that violent crimes are among the most well-known types of offenses. Examples of such violent crimes include things like homicide, aggravated assault and domestic violence. However, as well-known as many violent crimes are, there are some acts that you may not expect to be violent criminal activities.

What kinds of sentences can a DUI conviction bring?

The average person is afraid of jail time or imprisonment if convicted of a crime, and it is this deterrent that often prevents people from engaging in criminal activity. However, the truth is that imprisonment is not the only consequence that awaits those who are convicted of a crime. The most severe crimes come with additional penalties, even after a prison sentence has been served.