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South Florida sees decline in DUI arrests

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Florida is a great place to vacation and live. Balmy weather, white-sand beaches and excellent nightlife are just a few of the attractions. Although clubs and bars remain open late, the number of drunk drivers on the road has decreased. But why?

Over the past four years, DUI arrests around South Florida have plummeted. The Miami-Dade police department saw a 65 percent decrease in arrests in 2017. Regardless, there’s no indication that people are going out or drinking less.

Ride-share companies increase in popularity

The apparent decline in drunk driving may correlate with Uber and Lyft gaining popularity. Now more than ever, awareness is high regarding ride-share companies. It’s easy and fairly inexpensive for an individual to open an app on their phone and request a ride home after a few drinks.

Law enforcement is also deserving of credit for proactively enforcing DUI laws and raising awareness of drunk driving consequences. Additionally, cities inhabited by younger generations rely more on public transportation and carpooling.

It seems that drunk driving is no longer appealing to many people, and for good reason.

Many states are seeing positive results in the wake of the ride-sharing trend. Studies, however, are limited and there are currently no numbers to confirm a correlation. Ride-sharing companies continue help nonprofit and other government organizations raise awareness about alternative options for getting home after a night out.

Overall, education, awareness and accessibility play key roles in combatting drunk driving. There’s still work to be done.


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