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Visiting Florida as a tourist and get a DUI? Now what happens?

The winter months can bring an influx of visitors to the sunshine state looking for outdoor fun, the ocean and attractions. Then even more show up around March during spring break when most folks are fed up from a long winter of cold and snow. Many vacationers to Florida use alcohol during their visit, which can easily turn into a DUI conviction.

If you are caught and convicted of a DUI in South Florida and you are a resident of another state, you will be subject to the laws and fines of Florida and not to your home state. One thing that may confuse people about receiving a DUI in Florida while visiting from another state is how they will complete any punishments for their Florida crime. Since it is usually not logical to ask someone to return to Florida to serve jail time, attend treatment or work out logistics of a license suspension, the states have worked out a compact with each other.

Driver’ License Compact (DLC) – An agreement of 45 states that works to solve the problem when a resident of one state commits a violation in another state. This alliance of states creates a consistency on how they handle out of state traffic violations. The compact gives the states a way to share information about violators when a non-resident receives a citation or is arrested. Once the information is shared, you will be treated as if the offense you violated happened in your home state. This will include all penalties, fines, license suspension and points accrued for a DUI.

Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC) – Established in the 1970s, this compact of 44 states was created to assist in the processing of citations that occurred across state lines. This alliance between states prevents people from committing an infraction in a state which they are not a resident and ignoring the citation when they return home. This pact allows the home state of the driver to take action for their driving infractions. There are some traffic violations that are not included in this compact, but many of the main moving violations are.

If you are visiting Florida and charged with a DUI conviction, you should speak with a local attorney right away concerning your options. If you need to return home to another state, you will want to have qualified representation on your side to appear on your behalf in Florida court.

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