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FAQs About Underage Drinking In Florida

Underage drinking is no joke in Florida. We often hear that young adulthood and college is a time for making mistakes and growing through change. While that is a great sentiment, some mistakes are not easy to walk away from. Our team at The Rudman Law Group serves clients in an array of alcohol-related cases. Lawyers are often asked these underage drinking questions:

What are the penalties for underage drinking in Florida?

Florida enforces strict alcohol laws when it comes to minors. It is illegal for anyone under 21 to possess alcohol. Penalties for underage alcohol possession could be as great as a first-degree misdemeanor, which would incur a fine, probation and/or even jail time. Though, many first offenses for underage drinking result in second-degree misdemeanors.

Will you lose your license for underage drinking — even if you weren’t driving at the time?

If found guilty of underage possession of alcohol in Florida, you could lose your license for six months to a year. Further offenses could result in loss or suspension of license for up to two years.

Is the penalty for a DUI different for underage drivers?

Individuals under the age of 21 face criminal charges for a DUI. This is due to the zero-tolerance laws that all states enforce. Even seemingly harmless amounts of alcohol in your blood system can be enough for these charges in Florida that amount is above a .02 blood alcohol concentration.

Can parents allow their minor children to drink?

While some states allow parents to let their children drink under their supervision, Florida does not. The only case where Florida allows for parental supervision over drinking is when it is part of a religious observance.

Can a parent be penalized if their underage child is caught drinking?

If the child is on the parents’ property and the parents did nothing to prevent the consumption, it is entirely possible they will be criminally liable.

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