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Will my insurance premiums increase if I get a speeding ticket?

Video Transcript

Not necessarily, simply getting a speeding ticket actually doesn’t trigger a raise in your premiums. It’s how that ticket is resolved and handled that could determine whether or not your insurance rates go up. If you just pay that ticket, simply paying that ticket will result in points and will absolutely result in a raising of your premiums. That’s why we say you either pay now or you pay later.

If you hire an attorney to handle that case for you we’re able to go in, and even if we’re able to get you what’s called a withhold of adjudication, that withhold of adjudication is legalese for the court withholding formal pronunciation of guilt. That withholding of the formal pronunciation of guilt actually means that insurance companies can’t use it against you as a conviction. Therefore, your rates probably won’t go up as a result of that speeding ticket.

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