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What Has Florida Done To Combat The Opioid Crisis?

On a daily basis, Florida politicians and lawmakers release statements that are meant to provide a pathway forward to fight the opioid abuse problem. From declaring a “health emergency” to proposing new legislation and bringing in money for programs, politicians may be on the right track, but results are slow to manifest. Thousands of Floridians die every year due to opioid abuse, and even more have their lives ruined in some capacity due to addiction.

Understanding Florida’s Opioid Epidemic Response

The state has accepted money from the federal government to establish treatment programs and rehabilitation centers, in addition to funneling money toward prevention and recovery services. However, a significant portion of these programs is aimed at individuals, who, while they may be combating an addiction, may not yet have committed or been accused of committing a crime.

Authorities Are Slow To Respond

They’re too often punishing and penalizing those with drug problems. Across many counties, rehabilitation facilities have been shut down. Frequently, insurance companies treat drug addiction like a mental health issue, and they provide limited coverage for such issues. Insurance companies that do provide coverage often have a lot of caveats, and force their clients to jump through hoops.

What The Rudman Law Group — Advocates For Those With Addiction And Mental Illness Does

Many criminal defense lawyers in Florida treat their clients’ criminal defense case just like any other, thereby not allowing those addicted to drugs to get treatment. As attorneys, we take the time to understand the addiction process and advocate for our clients. We don’t wait until court time to present a solution.

Right away, we work with therapists, doctors and treatment facilities to create realistic rehabilitative alternatives to jail that the court system will accept. We take a holistic approach for our clients to help them be in a better state of mind than they were prior to their interaction with the criminal justice system.

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