Can an expungement be denied in Florida?

Video Transcript

In Florida, an expungement can be denied for many reasons. It could be as simple as you don't qualify under the law. It could be as complicated as the state attorney's office or the judge just doesn't think it should be done. This is why you need an attorney to actually help you prepare and to argue your expungement in front of a court of law. A simple document preparation service or something that you find online isn't going to know the nuances, isn't going to know the people involved at the state attorney's office, and certainly isn't going to help you go before a judge and answer the questions the judge is going to want to know when it comes time to sign the final order.

That's why you need an experienced attorney that has handled hundreds of expungements to be able to go in on your behalf and raise the appropriate legal statements and issues before the trier of fact.