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The team at The Rudman Law Group understands that criminal charges can have a significant impact on your future. As an experienced criminal defense firm, they are dedicated to providing strong and aggressive representation for their clients throughout Florida. They focus on getting the right results, not the easy ones.

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Every case is different, and results will depend on the unique facts of your case. This page contains results from actual cases that The Rudman Law Group was able to obtain on behalf of their clients.


No file: Many times, the team at The Rudman Law Group is able to explain the accused’s side of the story to the state attorney’s office at the intake stage and convince them to decline to file formal charges by entering a no file.

• Deferred prosecution agreement: This is also sometimes called pretrial intervention or drug court. A deferred prosecution agreement is a contract between the state and the accused where if the accused completes a term of pretrial supervision, the state will dismiss all charges by entering a nolle prossed.

• Nolle prossed/Dismissed: This is the legal document filed with the court by the state in order to formally dismiss charges that have already been filed.

• Jury trial: This is by far the most risky of all the possible outcomes of the accused’s case. The best-case scenario is if the accused is found not guilty by the jury and acquitted of all charges. If the accused is found guilty after jury trial, there are no guarantees as to what penalties the court will hand down. Most times the punishment after trial is more severe than that which was offered by the state attorney as part of a plea negotiation. Hiring an experienced and aggressive trial attorney like Douglas J. Rudman can make all the difference!

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