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Know Your Rights When Faced With An Injunction

If you are subject to an injunction, a judge has ordered you to stop specific actions that they believe are harmful. While an injunction is a serious order and should not be taken lightly, you still maintain certain rights. Whether you have questions regarding your injunction or you have been arrested for violating a court order, know that an experienced criminal defense team can help you understand your legal options and work to protect your freedom.

At The Rudman Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida, the firm’s legal team is equipped with extensive experience across an array of criminal law matters. They can help you challenge an injunction and better understand what to do going forward. With a full understanding of injunctions and how they can impact your life, its dedicated criminal defense lawyers will be vigilant in working to protect your rights.

The Seriousness Of An Injunction

While an injunction is not a criminal charge, it is still an extremely serious thing for an injunction to be filed against you. Since the basis of many injunctions is domestic violence, abuse or other allegedly harmful actions such as harassment and stalking, it is often likely that a criminal charge may be filed in conjunction with the injunction. Not only does the injunction bar you from having contact with the alleged victim, which can also mean that you are unable to go to your home or have contact with the children, but you might also be facing jail time and fines on any related criminal charges.

Violating An Injunction

Whether the injunction is temporary or permanent, failure to adhere to a court order regarding your injunction could lead to serious criminal consequences. Any violations, such as going near the alleged victim, contacting them through any means or initiating contact with the children, are taken very seriously by the court. If the violation occurred while a temporary order was in place, the violation would be grounds upon which to make the injunction permanent. A violation is also a crime, punishable by jail time and monetary fines.

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