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Criminal Defense Cases

Criminal Defense Cases

Defending your rights is the number one priority. Any felony or misdemeanor could affect your future ability for employment, education, housing, and immigration. If you have been charged with: Possession of Drugs, theft or property theft, white collar, or a violent crime; you may have one chance and once chance alone to get the right result for your case. Choose an experienced and proven team to protect your future.

DUI Defense Cases

DUI Defense Cases

The Rudman Law Group‘s experience has been that not all DUIs are the same. Was it a DUI with breath test, DUI with refusal, DUI with blood test or DUI with crash? The firm has the experience to help you understand the difference. It also helps you with the administrative review process with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Don’t just waive your rights.

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Cases

The team at the firm understands the difficulties of families dealing with domestic violence cases. Whether it is partner assault, aggravated assault, battery, sexual assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, child abuse or neglect, stalking, and/or prosecuting or defending against injunctions, no two cases are the same. Let the team advocate for your rights and protections.

Federal Cases

Federal Cases

There is nothing more intimidating then being charged by the federal government. Even if you have already testified in front of a grand jury, the team can still advocate for you. Although an acceptance of responsibility may be a solution, let the firm fight for your rights.

Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations & Serious Traffic Crimes

Not all traffic tickets are the same. Were you speeding over 30 mph or speeding over 50 mph? Or maybe you were cited for careless driving or leaving the scene of an accident? Not only are the fines higher, but if not handled properly it could also impact your car insurance rates. If you were driving while license suspended or driving without a valid license, let The Rudman Law Group help you resolve the conflict so that you can drive legally. Attorney Rudman also provides aggressive representation for serious traffic crimes such as vehicular manslaughter.

Juvenile and Dependency Cases

Juvenile And Dependency Cases

The Rudman Law Group is one of the few firms in southeast Florida that regularly handles cases in the juvenile justice process and dependency process. These are unique cases that they pursue because they understand the lasting impacts that can occur.

Violation of Probation and Warrant Extradition

Violation Of Probation And Warrant Extradition

The firm has often been able to help clients that were unsure how to resolve a violation of probation. Or maybe there was/is a warrant for their arrest or extradition. The firm understands the urgency in getting these resolved and therefore make sure to act in a timely manner so as to be an advocate for their clients.

Expungement and Sealing of Record

Expungement And Sealing Of Record

So you have a criminal history and you want to move forward with your life. Let The Rudman Law Group help you determine if you are eligible for an expungement or sealing in the state of Florida. They take care of processing these requests so that you can focus on rebuilding your future.

As an experienced criminal defense firm, it is dedicated to providing strong and aggressive representation for its clients throughout Florida. They focus on getting the right results, not the easy ones, even coaching the clients on how to move forward from their experience after finishing with the legal system. They take the whole view approach, putting out the immediate fires, while also looking ahead to the future ramifications.

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