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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer In Palm Beach County

The court takes domestic violence allegations seriously, even in situations where actual violence may not have occurred. If you are involved in a domestic violence dispute, The Rudman Law Group in Boca Raton can help. The team there brings hands-on experience and trial advocacy to zealously protect clients involved in domestic violence situations throughout South Florida.

Protect your rights by contacting an experienced Palm Beach County criminal defense lawyer at 561-464-2615 or 888-870-7457 toll-free for a free initial consultation.

Are You Facing Domestic Abuse Allegations In Florida?

The Rudman Law Group will help you protect your rights and defend against criminal charges, including related injunctions from a protective order or restraining order. These injunctions could bar you from living at home, contacting with your partner and caring for your children as your case proceeds. These orders can also block you from personal contact, including contact via cellphone, text, email or social media.

The firm defends clients against crimes, including:

  • Partner assault: If your partner alleges that you have assaulted him or her, you could be arrested and face charges. Rely on the legal team at The Rudman Law Group to help defend you against these serious charges.
  • Aggravated assault: Charges involving more violent offenses could rise to the level of aggravated assault. Contact the firm’s defense attorneys for a prudent, appropriate response to these allegations.
  • Battery, sexual assault, or sexual assault and battery: Battery charges can lead to even harsher sentences. Crimes involving sexual assault can further increase the potential penalties.
  • Kidnapping: Serious charges can follow from kidnapping allegations. If you are accused of abducting a child or partner, you need to have a solid defense team.
  • False imprisonment: Holding a person against their will, even if no physical restraint is involved, can be prosecuted in family violence situations. You need experienced attorneys handling your defense strategy.
  • Child abuse or neglect: Obviously, any allegation of child abuse or neglect is taken extremely seriously, even if it turns out to be false. Don’t take any chances with your liberty if you are drawn into child abuse claims.
  • Stalking: Charges against alleged stalkers can lead to time behind bars upon a conviction. Don’t hesitate to work with experienced defense attorneys if you are facing charges.
  • Injunctions or violations of protective injunctions: Your partner might accuse you of violating an order by having unauthorized contact with him or her, or your children. This might even include electronic communication such as through email, phone or social media accounts.

The team at The Rudman Law Group pursues justice with the goal of preserving family relationships whenever possible. They will also work with you to explore alternative sentencing, including anger management, mental health counseling and substance abuse prevention programs.

The Rudman Law Group Helps People Get Restraining Orders

The firm also assist victims of domestic violence in filing orders of protection against violent family members. Fear should not hold you back from taking steps to protect yourself. They can help investigate your claims of domestic violence and possibly pursue criminal charges against the people who hurt you.

It is important to remember that filing false claims can result in charges of perjury or lying to the police, so they will help ensure that your case is robust and well-founded.

In many cases, taking the simple step to obtain a protective order is enough to ensure your family’s safety. As your advocate, the team at The Rudman Law Group will help you explore all options to remove the threat of violence from your home.

Contact The Firm For A Free Initial Consultation

The firm understands that domestic violence charges are highly personal and emotionally complex. The defense team will provide strong, honest and dedicated counsel aimed at helping you move forward. Contact their office online or by calling 561-464-2615 or 888-870-7457 toll-free today.

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Case Result:

Charges Dismissed – After a lengthy and tumultuous relationship, their client and his girlfriend decided it was best to part ways. She invited him over to her house to recover his belongings and while there, she began going through his phone. Their client tried retrieving the phone but was clawed at by her. He pushed her back in self-defense and she retaliated by pepper-spraying him. He immediately left the house. Weeks later, their client was arrested on a warrant because she had called police after he left, checked herself into a hospital, and alleged that he strangled her.”

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