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The other person involved can't stop a domestic violence arrest

Separating myth from reality is important for anyone facing potential criminal charges in Florida. Especially when the offense is a significant one, such as an altercation that leads to domestic violence charges, knowing about the law and the potential consequences involved can help you make better decisions.

Some people facing domestic violence-related criminal charges might not take them seriously enough because they believe inaccurate information. People mistakenly think that they can only face domestic violence charges if the other person involved agrees to help the prosecutor.

These are 4 questions you may have about DUI schooling

You were enjoying an amazing night out with your colleagues, and you didn't think much about the fact that you could be intoxicated. You felt fine, and you didn't think you'd have any trouble getting home on your own.

Unfortunately, you weren't right. After driving a few miles, you ended up getting drowsy from your drinks and went off the road. Now, you're facing a DUI on top of the injuries you caused yourself.

Getting drunk and lost could lead to trespassing

You go out to the bar with your friends. It's a Friday night and you have more to drink than you planned. Why not? It's the weekend. You're having fun and blowing off steam. There's also the issue of peer pressure, as one of your friends keeps buying you shots.

Regardless, when it is finally time to head home, you know it's not safe to drive. You make the wise choice and leave your car at the bar. You'll get an Uber and pick it up the next day. However, there are no drivers around at the moment, so you decide to walk back to your apartment.

Arrive on vacation, leave on probation? Not necessarily!

Whether you read it on a T-shirt or just heard it as a punchline, the fact is that for far too many tourists to the West Palm Beach area, the saying "Arrive on vacation, leave on probation" becomes a reality.

According to a Florida bail bond website, the phrase originated when the bail bondsman was quaffing a few beers and eating raw oysters with his T-shirt-making buddy. He had just bailed out his brother for getting busted with a load of pot on his boat and was philosophizing about the experience. Suddenly, the two men had an epiphany and wrote their new slogan down on a napkin.

Things to know about DUI checkpoints in Florida

It doesn't matter if you're a college student out for the evening or a parent on your way home from dinner, there's always a possibility you could find yourself face-to-face with a DUI checkpoint.

As scared as you may be, knowledge of DUI checkpoints can go a long way in helping you take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights (and hopefully avoid an arrest).

Under the legal limit and still getting a DUI

When you get pulled over, you admit to the officer that you had been drinking. After all, you feel fairly sure that you are well under the legal limit. The officer just pulled you over for running a stop sign. You don't think it's a problem.

The officer gives you a breath test, and it comes back at 0.05%. He or she decides to arrest you for drunk driving. You immediately feel stunned and confused. Can this actually happen if you're not over the legal limit of 0.08%?

The double danger of drug charges for college students

College is a time of experimentation, personal growth and exploration. The students who start college with one major often discover their passion elsewhere and change their educational pursuits accordingly. It's also a time when young adults try to establish an identity away from home, separate from their family and lifelong social networks.

For most students, that experimentation may produce nothing more than a little heartache or a bad hangover. Unfortunately, in some cases, collegiate adventures can have lifelong consequences once law enforcement gets involved. While any criminal charges can be particularly dire for those currently enrolled in college, drug offenses may be the riskiest kind of crime for students.

How does Florida handle minors who get caught with alcohol?

Quite a few students in high school and even more in college who have not reached the age of 21 will consume alcohol at some point, as alcohol consumption is a common factor in adolescence and college socialization. Still, just because it's a common practice doesn't mean it's risk-free.

Whether you snuck into a kegger despite not being 21 or begged an older sibling or friend to purchase alcohol for you, if you get caught while under the influence of alcohol as a minor in Florida, you could face some very serious consequences.

Fail a Breathalyzer test? You may have defensive options

Failing a Breathalyzer test can feel like a one-way ticket to a conviction, and for many drivers, it is. However, there are often ways to challenge Breathalyzer results or find other weaknesses in drunk driving charges.

Here in Florida, drunk driving charges mean a suspension of the driver's license, and the driver only has a short window of 10 days to appeal this suspension. No matter what circumstances led to your drunk driving charges, the sooner that you begin building your defense, the better. It is impossible to know which legal options you have available to defend your rights and freedoms until you begin this process, and you may find that you have more options than you realize.

Attempted solicitation in Florida could mean criminal charges

Certain actions are crimes for everyone involved, even if no one is a victim. Some people refer to these kinds of criminal offenses as consensual crimes. The sale of illegal drugs from one person to another is a form of consensual crime. Neither person is experiencing threat or direct harm by the other, and they engage in a volitional exchange of resources.

However, because the sale and possession of illegal drugs is against the law, both the person making the sale and the person purchasing the drugs could find themselves subject to criminal consequences. The same is true for prostitution under the law in Florida. All forms of prostitution, which involve sexual physical contact for financial gain, violate the state law.

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