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How Alternative Sentencing Can Be Beneficial

Many states in the U.S. are harsh on drug offenders. However, Florida has a particular reputation for its toughness. Mandatory minimums are uniform throughout Florida; however some counties offer sentencing alternatives. That is why you and your family need experienced trial attorneys like those found in The Rudman Law Group.

Although there is more and more recognition for the need for sentencing alternatives, not every defendant is eligible. Therefore, at The Rudman Law Group, the firm provides aggressive representation for those dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

The team there advocates for those with addiction and mental illness — they help individuals and their loved ones explore alternative sentencing options. From their Boca Raton office, they help people across Florida with legal defense, treatment plans and more.

Understanding Alternative Sentencing

Typically, if you are charged with a felony in the state of Florida, your crime carries a level and a degree. A degree relates to the maximum penalty, while a level indicates how many points are put on a “score sheet.” If the score exceeds a certain amount (44 points), judges don’t have a choice but to proceed with a state prison sentence.

However, some counties allow alternative sentencing for first-time offenders and nonviolent offenders. But, not every first-time or nonviolent offender is eligible. That is why you and your family members need knowledgeable, aggressive representation from experienced attorneys to protect your rights.

Alternative sentencing may take the form of:

  • Treatment programs
  • Drug court
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Educational courses

The team at The Rudman Law Group goes out of their way to find sentences that are an alternative to incarceration. They work to find and show the root cause of the addiction and mental illness, and they legally demonstrate plans for rehabilitation and treatment. They work with both insiders and outsiders to create a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your situation and your circumstances.

Their goal isn’t just to help you beat a criminal charge. They want to set up their clients for long-term success, by providing treatment that works.

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