Avoiding And Recognizing A Concussion

Motorcycle riders have nearly constant reminders to wear helmets. But even when wearing a helmet, the impact from a serious accident can result in a concussion, a common type of traumatic brain injury. While concussions are common among riders, they are still extremely dangerous and in some cases can cause permanent damage.

After an accident, riders should immediately seek medical attention, even if they feel fine. But sometimes, concussion symptoms may take a while to become apparent. In other instances, post-concussive syndromes can impair your ability to ride. Knowing how to recognize a concussion can prevent you from ending up in a dangerous situation.

Recognizing The Signs Of A Concussion

It's entirely common to sustain a concussion without ever losing consciousness, which makes it even more important that you recognize the symptoms and risks associated with one.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), concussion symptoms fall into four categories:

  • Thinking and remembering, including having difficulty concentrating or remembering new details
  • Physical, including headaches, sensitivity to light or noise and nausea
  • Emotional/mood, as those who have suffered a concussion often report irritability and feelings of anxiety
  • Sleep, including sleeping too much or too little, or having difficulty falling asleep

While some may shrug off a few of these symptoms, anybody who is experiencing a persistent headache, nausea, weakness or slurred speech should immediately consult a doctor.

Receiving Treatment For A Concussion

After consulting with a doctor or medical professional following your injury, you should follow all instructions and keep a list of your symptoms.

Even after you have been cleared of having a concussion, you may experience post-concussion syndrome, including feeling intermittent dizziness or headaches.

Studies show* that even after you are symptom-free, your driving may be impaired, as reaction time may be slowed. You should continue to be careful and always wear a helmet.

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