Video 1: Hiring an Attorney

You or a loved one have been charged with a crime, you're vulnerable and that's when the phone rings, with a third party telling you about an attorney who can help.

Clip 90: 12

"First and foremost if your ever contacted by someone that wants to push you towards a certain attorney, hang up"

Criminal defense attorney Douglas Rudman says these third party companies are preying upon their victims and it's unethical.

Clip 87 1:08

If you're contacting by a lawyer without first contacting them that lawyer is breaking the rules, that lawyer is committing fraud that lawyer is violating the rules of professional conduct"

Mailers are allowed but calls like these are not, he advises that you do your research and look for someone who has the experience you need.

Clip 89:22

When hiring a lawyer you not only want to look for their knowledge of the law but how many cases they've tried how often they are in the courthouse in which you're charged and specifically the contacts and connections they have because all of those things can make the difference in the outcome of your case".

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