Video 6: Protecting your DNA

For decades, police had the DNA of the "Golden State Killer" the man who raped 45 women and killed twelve in the 70's and 80's.

The case went cold until a distant relative used a popular GENEALOGY site to track their family tree, it led to a partial match of evidence POLICE already had and an arrest.

Using a third party website to trace your roots forces you to voluntarily give up DNA samples without protection, meaning it can be discovered through a subpoena or a breach like most recently at Facebook.

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"We've now seen that no information is safe out there online so what's to stop these companies from taking steps to deprive you of your genetic material, do you still own your DNA once you've sent it off"

The law has not kept up with this technology however attorney Douglas Rudman says to know what you're getting into before submitting your DNA. Read the fine print and if it's used against you, get help right away.

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"Absolutely call a lawyer that knows number one how to deal with complex DNA cases and number two understands the ability of the Government to search and seize this genetic material and whether or not they did so lawfully".