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What can someone expect when facing criminal charges?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Criminal charges are not insignificant issues. Obviously being convicted of a criminal offense can have life-altering consequences, including jail time and fines, all of which will vary depending on the severity of the crime. Unfortunately, even if you are acquitted, criminal charges may still have an effect on your life. There have been many cases in the past decade in which the accused was acquitted, but they have still become social pariahs simply due to public perception of their guilt.

This is why it is important to act quickly if you are facing criminal charges. If you are lucky, your case may not even go to trial, and you can continue living your life as though nothing happened. However, the criminal law system is very complex, with many different parties acting in different ways. It is not always as simple as having the case thrown out and going on about your business.

In addition to the defense and prosecution, there are also judges and juries who use evidence collected by police officers to try to determine guilt. Any one of these parties might make a mistake or fail in their duties, which could drastically change the outcome of the case. For example, police might seize incriminating evidence illegally, which could cause your case to be thrown out. Some criminal investigations end without an arrest, and some are taken all the way to trial.

If you are facing criminal charges, expect your life to become more difficult as various agencies try to exploit anything they can to prove your guilt. In the event that an investigation turns up incriminating evidence, you will likely be required to plead your case in court. Prosecutors will waste no time in building a case against you, so you should waste no time building a defense for yourself. Visit our webpage to find out more about how we help Florida residents defend themselves against criminal charges.


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