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Florida man arrested for murder of his mother

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

There are many different crimes in our country’s legal system, and depending on the circumstances of a particular crime, suspects may be looking at relatively minor penalties or serious legal consequences such as life in prison. The crimes that tend to have the most serious consequences are violent crimes, such as aggravated assault or homicide. Such fatal crimes can lead to the death penalty depending on which state you live in, and in many cases, a legal defense can be the key to avoiding a conviction.

Recently in a Florida city, a man was arrested after his mother was found dead in her residence from bullet wounds. She was pronounced dead at the hospital, and police began investigating the murder. They found the woman’s son at the airport, attempting to board a plane to New York. He is currently being held without bond.

It may seem suspicious that a man was attempting use a one-way ticket out of the state shortly after his mother was found dead, but of course, this could be completely circumstantial. Unfortunately, such circumstances are precisely the types of things that police believe to be incriminating, especially when a suspect holds a significant relationship with the victim. Based on the available information, there is no reason to conclude that this man was responsible for his mother’s death. However, depending on the evidence that is discovered during the investigation, a string of circumstantial coincidences could become alarmingly incriminating.

Instances like this demonstrate why legal defense can be so important for criminal acts, especially crimes like murder. If a number of unfortunate circumstances lead to suspicion that you are guilty of a violent crime, you will need to defend yourself and prove that the evidence is circumstantial and that you were not involved in the crime. If you are facing murder charges, consider enlisting the aid of an attorney to help you defend yourself.

Source: Coral Springs Talk, “Son Charged in Homicide of Mother inside Coral Springs Home,” Sharon Aron Baron, Nov. 4, 2015


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