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These are 4 questions you may have about DUI schooling

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

You were enjoying an amazing night out with your colleagues, and you didn’t think much about the fact that you could be intoxicated. You felt fine, and you didn’t think you’d have any trouble getting home on your own.

Unfortunately, you weren’t right. After driving a few miles, you ended up getting drowsy from your drinks and went off the road. Now, you’re facing a DUI on top of the injuries you caused yourself.

After you get a DUI in Florida, you may be referred to a DUI school. If you are referred to it, then you will need to complete DUI school before you can get your license back.

Do you have to go to DUI school for your first DUI?

If this is your first DUI and conviction, then you will have your license revoked for a minimum of a year. You can seek a hardship license, but you’ll need to complete your DUI schooling first.

Can you lose your license if you don’t complete DUI school but wait for the revocation period to end?

Interestingly, if you wait to reinstate your license, you could still lose it. The revocation period is designed to keep you off the roads for a specific amount of time, but it’s also a time when you’re expected to go to DUI school and/or treatment. If you do not complete DUI school within 90 days of getting your license reinstated, then you could lose your license again. Failing to complete treatment can result in a loss of your license as well.

What happens in a DUI school course?

DUI school is educational. It’s designed to include lectures, class discussions, videos and handouts. All students are taught by a State of Florida Certified DUI Level 1 Instructor if they are first offenders.

DUI schools vary, but many have 12-hour courses that use approved curriculum created by the state. Courses usually discuss traffic laws related to DUIs, drug and alcohol resources that are available throughout the local community, alternatives to drinking and driving, the effects of alcohol on the ability to drive, and a review of how DUIs are processed through the courts.

When can you apply for a hardship license?

Usually, you can apply for a hardship license only after you register for your DUI schooling. You will need to pay fees and go to each session.

These are some commonly asked questions about DUI schooling. It’s a program aimed at education and to reduce the likelihood of a reoffense.


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