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When will Florida charge someone with cyberstalking?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

The internet makes many aspects of life far more convenient. It has never been faster or easier to buy used car parts, arrange a date for Friday night with a total stranger or access personal medical records. However, the internet also facilitates plenty of unlawful behavior in addition to helping people handle the challenges of daily life.

Some people misuse their internet access to commit acts of fraud. Others engage in intimidating behavior online. Flirting or teasing online can easily cross the line and be perceived as cyberstalking. Florida actually has a specific criminal statute on the books addressing cyberstalking.

Allegations often relate to romantic relationships

Cyberstalking could involve business competitors, cousins who hate each other or coworkers with an unhealthy dynamic on the job. However, frequently cyberstalking specifically involves someone in a romantic relationship with the other party or someone who has previously had a romantic relationship or desires one with the other party.

Behaviors that constitute cyberstalking include:

  • sending threatening or unwanted messages
  • intentionally tracking people across multiple platforms
  • attempting to access someone else’s devices or accounts
  • any form of electronic harassment

Using messages to intimidate someone or harass them in a sexual manner could also constitute cyberstalking. Some people go so far as to create numerous separate accounts on a single platform to continue messaging someone after they block them.

Any behavior intended to intimidate another party or make them feel unsafe could potentially constitute cyberstalking. Florida will impose criminal penalties in cyberstalking cases. Allegations of cyberstalking can also influence the likelihood of the courts granting someone an injunction for protection.

How people defend against accusations

Claims of cyberstalking could lead to an embarrassing criminal record and a court order that limits someone’s personal freedoms. Providing documentation that shows they were not the one interacting with the other party could be one way of fighting back. Showing that they were responding to harassment by the person complaining could be another solution.

There are different options available depending on someone’s actions that allegedly constitute cyberstalking. Learning more about the unique Florida laws that limit someone’s behavior can help people avoid mistakes that lead to criminal charges and fight back against pending allegations alongside an experienced criminal defense attorney.



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