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Video 3: Sex Crimes


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A sex crime is anything from an indecent exposure charge to a sexual assault charge and there are a lot of others crimes in between.

Regardless of WHAT specific charge you’re facing, any sex crime should be taken very seriously and before you speak to the police contact a lawyer!

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“If you’ve already been contacted by the police that means the police have already make up their minds that the person they’re looking at is a suspect.”

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Expert criminal defense lawyer Doug Rudman explains that having a good, aggressive lawyer is KEY to your defense. He suggests calling a lawyer right away if you’re suspected of a sex crime.

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“If they’re looking at you or a loved one as suspect than at that point you need to start protecting yourself and start using the rights guaranteed to you in the Constitution to protect yourself against that investigation.”

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Committed to your freedom and well being The Rudman Law Group is made up of former prosecutors pursuing justice. If you find yourself in trouble with the law – contact them. They’re standing by waiting to help.

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