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Florida spring break trips can lead to charges against students

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | College Student Crimes |

College students need to focus intently on their studies to derive the most benefits possible from their time. Many college students do not work or only have part-time jobs while enrolled full-time in school. They may devote most of their time and energy toward the pursuit of their degree and networking so that they have career opportunities in the future.

The stress of studying so hard can lead to burnout, so college students also need opportunities to relax and unwind. Spring break typically occurs halfway through the spring semester and provides respite from classes for an entire week. Some students even take trips to warmer destinations to blow off some steam.

Florida is one of the most popular spring break destinations in the United States. Tens of thousands of young adults flock to the Sunshine State every spring to attend raucous parties and enjoy the warm climate. Unfortunately, some of those students may end up arrested because of their conduct during spring break.

Spring break frivolity often leads to bad decisions

Even typically responsible and high-performing college students might make bad choices while on spring break.

Underage students might use alcohol and get arrested. Drug use, fist fights and sexual assaults are also common crimes reported during spring break festivities in Florida. A student arrested and charged with one of these offenses could face major setbacks. Depending on the charges they face and the school they attend, their enrollment could be at risk. Criminal convictions can also affect their eligibility for financial aid. As if that weren’t worrisome enough, a guilty plea or conviction usually leads to a criminal record which can forever limit someone’s opportunities for employment.

Especially when the college student is from another state, they might plead guilty in the hopes of avoiding the need to return to Florida repeatedly. Doing so might be a mistake. Both college students facing criminal charges and parents of those arrested for college crimes may need to think carefully about what a conviction might mean for a young adult’s future.

Ultimately, actively defending against spring break charges could make all the difference for a college student who may have made questionable decisions during their break from school.


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