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Options for drug defense

If you have been charged with a drug crime, such as possession or abuse, you may feel that the trouble is just beginning. Depending on the circumstances under which you were arrested and/or charged, it may seem like your chances of being convicted are assured before you even make a plea, but this is not the case. In Florida, just like every other state in America, you are still innocent until proven guilty, and you can make a case in your defense that might see you acquitted.

Even if you were completely innocent of the drug crime, you may feel that your innocence will be difficult or impossible to prove depending on the circumstances. However, it might surprise you to learn that it is fairly common to claim innocence on the grounds that the drugs were not yours. For example, if an officer pulls you over and there are illegal drugs in your car, you may be able to prove that you neither owned nor used the drugs.

Another common defense for drug crimes is the claim that the drugs were planted. Similar to claiming that the drugs were not yours, with this, you may be able to prove that the drugs were hidden among your possessions or property by someone else. Someone who was using the drugs and was afraid of being caught may have dropped the drugs in an attempt to frame you.

Even if the evidence is undeniably incriminating, you may be able to have the evidence thrown out if it is unlawfully searched and seized. You can find even more common defense options in this article. An attorney who is familiar with drug crimes can help you decide on which defense option is best for your case, but it is important to remember that no case is unwinnable. As dire as your circumstances may seem, you can still defend yourself.

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