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Often when people think of violent crimes, they think of crimes involving the death of another human, such as homicide or manslaughter. While these may be the most notorious violent crimes, they are certainly not the only violent crimes. Most crimes involving a weapon, such as aggravated assault and armed robbery, make up other violent crimes, as well as domestic violence and mistreatment of a child either through battery or neglect.

All of these crimes carry serious legal penalties, which can range from hefty fines to jail time. But perhaps just as devastating as the legal penalties are the social penalties. When it comes to the law, unless and until the prosecution can prove our guilt beyond reasonable doubt, you are considered innocent, but unfortunately public perception is not always so kind. In many cases of violent crime, simply arresting and accusing someone of the crime is enough to ruin their reputation, even if they are eventually acquitted.

This is why it is crucial to take your defense very seriously and pursue it aggressively. Taking quick, decisive action can not only keep you from suffering wrongful legal penalties, but also from dealing with unfair public perceptions. That is why an attorney is vital to legal defense from violent crimes.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the chances of being acquitted may seem slim. Unfortunately it is not unheard of for people to be convicted of crimes they did not commit, so you cannot assume just because you are innocent that you will be acquitted. You need a strong legal defense that can prove your innocence and do so quickly before your guilt is solidified in the eyes of your community. Visit the law office of Douglas J. Rudmann to learn more about violent crimes and find out how his team may be able to help you build a solid case for your defense.


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