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Consider carefully before filing domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

Domestic abuse is a terrifying thing, and one of the most frightening and serious criminal acts under the law. It is a special kind of torture in which victims face emotional, psychological and sometimes physical trauma on a daily basis, and there is often nowhere for them to seek refuge. Because of the severity of domestic violence, the state takes such accusations very seriously. That is why you should not bring charges without good reason.

You would be hard pressed to find a relationship that did not have some tension at times. Couples argue all the time over many different things, and while these arguments can often be trying or heated, a person shouting at his or her partner does not necessarily constitute domestic violence. Sometimes a person files domestic violence charges as a scare tactic in order to discourage behaviors in their partner that they do not like, but this can come with its own consequences.

If you do not file a domestic violence charge with absolute sincerity, and if you end up dismissing the charges as false, you could face legal penalties of your own for perjury. It is important to make the distinction between filing honest charges that do not lead to a conviction and filing false charges simply as an overreaction or threatening gesture.

Obviously, if you are truly suffering from serious domestic abuse, seek to take legal action and file an order of protection. However, as criminal defense attorneys who have experience defending those accused of domestic violence in Florida, we can assure you that a strong case with hard evidence is a must if you wish to take such steps. Visit our webpage to learn more about domestic violence laws in Florida, and how legal assistance can help you better understand your rights.


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