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3 reasons you should consider fighting a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Police pullovers are fairly common. Maybe you’ve just recently received a traffic ticket for speeding, running a red light or some other violation. Many people would just accept that they have to pay the fines and move on. That is not always the best option.

You can challenge a traffic ticket and you may want to do so. Tickets can have more impact on your life than you think. Here are the 3 main reasons you should consider fighting the ticket:

1. Avoid points on your license

Every time you accept a traffic ticket, a certain number of points are added to your license and they can remain there for as long as five years. This is not a game; points are bad when it comes to your driver’s license. If you accumulate enough of them, your license can be suspended for months or even a year. This will hurt your quality of life if you struggle to get to work or get around town easily.

You may be able to attend traffic school to prevent or reduce the points that would be added. This is an important alternative to consider.

2. Prevent the financial burden.

If you choose to pay fines, the financial impact is not a one-time deal. You probably did not account for an extra payment this month, but you could also face an increase in your insurance premiums. This will continue to affect your budget and financial plan after the violation.

On top of that, paying the fine is an admission of guilt in the law’s eyes. You will not be given a chance to argue your innocence if you pay the fine.

3. Keep your criminal record clean.

If your traffic violation could be put on your criminal record, for example, a DUI charge, you certainly want to look for defenses against the ticket. A mark on your criminal record could stop you from important opportunities for years, such as job opportunities and housing. Hiring managers, landlords and others can look at your history and might hesitate to extend an offer or lease if you have a conviction.

There are actually quite a few traffic tickets. If you received a ticket and want to explore your options outside of simply paying the fine, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney. One mishap should not harm your future.


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