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Think your DUI case is fruitless? Don't count yourself out

Being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is a traumatic event for anyone. The process can be harrowing, disorienting and can be disheartening. However, while the sequence of events surrounding a DUI arrest can be overwhelming, they do not seal your fate by any means.

In Florida, an experienced DUI defense attorney can work with you to devise a viable defense strategy. Responsible drivers want to ensure their driving record is not tarnished by an unwarranted traffic violation, particularly with something as serious as drunk driving.

While every drunk driving case is different, you may find that some of the circumstances below apply to your case. DUI defense lawyers pay close attention to such matters as:

  • The circumstances of your breath test. A Breathalyzer machine or other breath testing device is not perfect, so even if your reading appears to be above the limit, there may be reasons for it. Some foods can mimic alcohol consumption in people's breath - enough to trigger an incorrectly high reading. Also, some medications (which would not otherwise cause a driver to be impaired) can have a similar effect.
  • The timing of your blood test. Just as no two DUI cases are the same, no two people are the same in terms of how their body processes alcohol. It may be that a drink you had just before driving was not enough to put you over the limit, for example, but if a blood test is taken after a couple of hours, the reading might be enough to qualify for a criminal charge.
  • Witnesses to corroborate your story. Just like any other criminal case, you are entitled to have witnesses testify on your behalf. If people are able to attest to your actions and behavior before the arrest, or if they can explain a medical condition you have that could account for erratic driving or poor performance on a field sobriety test, you might be able to leverage that in your favor.

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you can often benefit from having an experienced DUI law firm to represent you and explain all your options.

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