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The 5 primary types of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

What comes to mind when you think of domestic violence? Like most, you may assume that domestic violence is always associated with physical abuse. While this is true in many cases, it’s not the only type.

There are five primary types of domestic violence, which include the following:

  • Physical abuse: This is the most recognizable and common form of domestic violence. It involves any type of force against another person, such as punching, choking, slapping, biting or kicking.
  • Emotional abuse: It’s often overlooked, but every bit as serious as physical abuse. This is typically associated with a person destroying the victim’s self confidence, such as by persistent insults and criticism. Emotional abuse is commonly associated with another type, such as financial abuse.
  • Financial abuse: It’s difficult to spot, but a common problem nonetheless. Financial abuse takes on many forms, such as a person prohibiting their spouse from working to maintain full control over their finances.
  • Sexual abuse: There are many forms of sexual abuse, with rape and sexual assault the most common. Sexual harassment also fits into this category.
  • Psychological abuse: Many types of behaviors fit into this domestic violence category, such as: continually threatening a person with an act of violence, preventing a person from leaving the home, preventing a person from talking to other people and using emotional blackmail to get what they want.

A false claim of domestic violence is possible

If you’re not getting along with your spouse and your marriage is deteriorating, they may look for ways to get back at you. As serious as it sounds, a false claim of domestic violence is possible.

For example, your spouse could contact police and tell them you’re physically abusing them. Even if it’s not true, the false allegation will still impact your life in many ways.

If you’re charged with any type of domestic violence, learn more about your legal rights and the defense strategies you can use to prevent a conviction. You don’t want to hope for the best, as a conviction can result in jail time, a restraining order and job loss, among a variety of other consequences.

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