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Are you aware of the main types of domestic violence?

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Many people who are accused of domestic violence genuinely believe that they are not guilty of the act because they have never acted violently against the accused. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it may be the case that you have been falsely accused, and in this situation, you will need to take swift action to defend yourself. However, it may be the case that you inadvertently committed the crime of domestic violence in a non-physical way.

It is important to understand that the crime of domestic violence is not only perpetrated through physical acts. It can also be perpetrated through psychological abuse or the attempt to control another. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you should first understand the different types of domestic violence so that you are more fully aware of the law. The following is an overview of the main types of domestic violence.

Physical and sexual abuse

Every person has their own right to physical safety. It’s therefore a type of abuse if a person is physically abused, or if they are subjected to sexual acts when they have not given consent. These types of acts could also include being coerced into not taking birth control or not using a condom.

Emotional and psychological abuse

While domestic violence often includes some type of physical activity, it can be purely emotional or psychological. If a person has repeatedly acted in a way that has diminished a person’s self-worth, confidence and perception of the world, this could count as a type of domestic abuse. Psychological abuse could also include the act of stalking, controlling or invading another person’s privacy by looking through their possessions.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse could be stopping a person from going out and looking for a job so that they can support themselves. It could also involve controlling another person’s finances or withholding food and clothing.

There are many types of domestic abuse. Make sure that you understand the law and adequately defend yourself.


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